Finnish Cultural Day Out

Venture with your personnel guide into the Finnish culture.  This tour has been designed to take you through all activities and lifestyle experiences that make up the heart of what it is to be Finnish. You will take part in scenic hikes, water activities, fireside cooking and a wide range of cultural experiences along the way.  You will also have the opportunity to to learn traditional sauna heating skills and of course sauna bathing. Best of all there will be time to just relax by the lake and enjoy nature on an endless summer night.

Tour includes:

  • Hiking 
  • water activities
  • Scenic drives through the countryside
  • Fire side cooking and meal
  • Snacks along the way
  • Traditional "Smoke Sauna" heating and preparation
  • Sauna
  • Lakeside relaxing

By phone booking only  


Price Adult:  180€

Price Child:  150€

Tour Duration: Approximately 6Hours 

Min 2 Person

Max. 8 Person